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Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Favorites

Breakfast Burrito7.99

Eggs, bacon, tomatoes, onions and cheese all rolled up in a soft tortilla and topped with salsa and cheese.

Eggs Benedict7.49

Two poached eggs and Canadian bacon on an English muffin and topped with hollandaise sauce. Choose hash browns or American fries.

2510's Eggs Benedict7.99

Two poached eggs, sausage, feta cheese and spinach on an English muffin and topped with hollandaise sauce. Choose hash browns or American fries.

Gramp's Early Riser5.49

Two eggs any style served with your choice of ham, bacon, or sausage and hash browns or American fries.

Homemade Corned Beef Hash7.99

Slow roasted brisket combined with potatoes, onions and our special seasonings. Served with two eggs and choice of toast.

Early Riser6.49

Two eggs any style served with American fries or hash browns and your choice of ham, bacon or sausage and toast.

Ultimate Breakfast Croissant7.99

Too good to believe! Folded eggs, ham and cheese in a freshly baked croissant. Smothered with hollandaise sauce and sprinkled with bacon. Served with American fries or hash browns.

Breakfast Specialties

Apple Fritter French Toast6.49

Three slices of our own apple fritter bread creates an exciting twist to the traditional French toast.

Hot off The Griddle Combo7.59

Two eggs, bacon or sausage and French toast or pancakes.

Pancakes or French Toast5.99

Three large, fresh pancakes or three slices of French toast.
Order with ham, bacon, or sausage 6.99

New! The Corned Beef Bagel6.99

Served with 2510's own slow roasted corned beef, with Swiss cheese and crisp kraut, served on a fresh baked bagel. Your choice of American fries or hash browns.

Egg Scrams

Our Special Two Egg Scrams are Served with Fresh Fruit and a Bakery-Fresh Muffin.

New! Spinach, Tomato and Feta Scram6.99

Vegetable Scram6.99

Mixed fresh vegetables and a three cheese blend.

Ham Scram6.99

Ham with a three cheese blend.


Make Your Omelet Into a Sandwich, Wrap, Croissant or Flat Bread at No Extra Charge.
Our Two-Egg Omelets are Accompanied by American Fries or Hash Browns
with Your Choice of an English Muffin or Toast (White, Cinnamon, Whole Wheat).
Substitute Fresh For 0.99
Add Hollandaise for 0.50 Extra.

Vegetable Omelet6.79

Mixed fresh vegetables and a cheese blend.

New! Philly Omelet7.99

Seasoned beef, peppers, onions and Swiss cheese.

Denver Omelet7.29

Tomatoes, sauteed onions, bell peppers, ham and cheese.

Spinach, Tomato & Feta6.99

Spinach with tomatoes and feta cheese.

New! Country Omelet7.99

Ham, sausage and bacon with our three cheese blend, served with hash browns covered with sausage gravy.

Ham & Cheese6.99

A three cheese blend with ham.


One Egg1.29

Served any style.

Sausage Patties2.29

Four Slices Bacon2.29


Mixed Fresh Fruit2.29

One Slice French Toast1.99

Served with syrup.

One Pancake1.99

Served with syrup.


With cream cheese.


Two Slices Toast1.49

English Muffin1.49

Cup Oatmeal2.99

American Fries1.99

Hash Browns1.99

Light Selections

Half Early Riser5.29

One egg, American fries or hash browns, your choice of meat and one slice of toast.

Heart Warmer5.29

Cup of hot oatmeal served with fresh fruit and toast.
Add crunchy pecans or craisins for 0.99

Just For Kids

French Toast4.29

One slice of French toast served with a cup of fruit and one piece of bacon or sausage.

Mini Cheese Omelet4.29

Served with one slice of toast and cup of fruit.

Mickey Cake4.29

One Mickey-shaped pancake with cup of fruit and one piece of bacon or sausage.


Don't Forget to Order a Cocktail.

Bloody Mary